Compilation Album Featuring Zorf, Fart Sex Rabbits, Tip of the Tongue, & Jamiroquai Twice

by Impossible Wren

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This was a session performed on New Years Eve by some dudes. Rather than split the session up in songs and segues, its original, crass nature has been preserved in two sides. For ease of reference, the following time line been developed (note: iTunes is a wiener, and changes time code on long songs, so this might not be accurate).

Also, SPOILER ALERT. This time line uses the punchlines of jokes, so don't read this while or before listening through a first time, otherwise the damn thing won't be funny.

You CAN use it, though, to impress your friends without going, "Wait, wait, I think it's just after this," for twenty minutes.

(* May or May Not Connote Actual Song Beginning)

0:00 Welcome, Ballad, Just A Practice, Gettin Tuned Up
2:09 WTF?
2:37 I Can't Believe In You
*2:49: Let's Try It Again (Somebody Help Me), Fast And Bulbous!
4:43 Who Farted Aside From Me? Girl Was Messin With My Shit, I Know You Got A Tape-In
5:45 Ribbit And Soundcheck - The Band Shows Up!
6:00 Somethin's Happened To My Socks
*6:14 Music Starts...?
6:50 Nope! "ABH. I rest my case."
*8:18 Now We've Got It For...Dragonfly Jesus?, Austin, You're Too Quiet.
*8:49 No, Trust Me (Why Does It Matter?) Bein There.
11:21 Bad Ways To Name The Band
*13:00 If You Play Jamiroquai in Mono This Is What You Get! (A Commentary on Phase in Contemporary Pop Rock), Being You, Being Me

0:00 Perfect. The Album Compilation Liner Notes
*0:27 Talented Musicians Take a Four Count, Jevion Shines. Here Comes A New Challenger!
1:55 "Fuckin A" & Other Crass Expressions
*2:31 Jimmy The Limp-Dick Pig, Someone is Everybody, And Everybody Is Drunk! (Is He Saying "Lemp"? Elloele.)
4:42 OH MY GOD, TongsThWTongsThWSongsThW
5:09 Another First Take! (What The Hell? Where'd That Delay Come From, Brad?)
5:33 Just Harmonics For Me, Christina!
6:16 Annoyse (Cute, right? Yeah, about as cute as it was that evening, Dick.)
6:50 Unnecessary Berating
7:00 Coercing The Audience
8:00 Oh Yes, You!
8:28 Stage Name These Days?
*9:05 First Take: Take 2, Featuring Christina
10:43 Yep, She's Had Enough.
11:30 Twirl
12:19 We Are 4 For 4 For Two Songs
*12:49 I Can't Touch My Strings For This One
13:30 What? / Check The Apparatus
13:55 "Josh, Can I Play Guitar?"
15:22 Take That Yoko Ono
16:00 Huh! Solid jamming!
16:20 Vocals for Sure
16:39 Barking
17:50 Hmmmmmm.............
18:20 Everyone Plays The Guitar
20:10 Pick Up Switch (Notice the time in the time line there?)
20:31 PureAdrenaline
22:22 Ending the Year With A Soda Commercial


released January 10, 2011

Jevion White: Vocals
Austin Case: Percussion
Jacob Bales: Bass
Brad Schumacher: Noise, Vocals
Josh King: Guitar, Conducting
Christina Clothier: Vocals, Management




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