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Recorded in 2007, 'Dreams' is an entirely-improvised session based on the band members' dreams. It consists of four movements (one for each member), and an afterward. Due to an error in file conversion and the loss of data, these low-quality recordings are the only remaining replications of the session.

In each of the first four pieces, a member of the group would begin by relating a recent, powerful dream to the band including its story, themes, feelings, and tone. He would give a general sense of direction and a story arch to the improvisation at hand (including a key, if appropriate). The band would begin to improvise based on the dream, providing context, elaboration, parody, or simulation of the dreamed experience.

The fifth piece, "A Beautiful Sound," is a meditative, hypnagogic totem to the ambiguous state of consciousness present just before and after sleeping. It is included here to leave the audience member with an induction of that state, to invite her/him to dream.


released December 14, 2011

Paul Donnelly: Bass
Austin Case: Guitar
Josh King: Guitar
Brad Schumacher: Noise




Entropical Fruit Productions Saint Louis

We are a DIY experimental production label, and sort of a collective. We do online releases and feature demos. Give us a shout if you'd like to be involved or have your work showcased.

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