Musical Mosaics

by Lyle B. King

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'Musical Mosaics' is a collection of compositions by Lyle B. King on the study of equal temperament theory.

1. "Interfaces" shows several ways of making logical interfaces both between and within tonal and atonal events. The ordering, Eb C D A - B C# Gb F - E Ab G Bb -, is used in the atonal events; the three dashes extend the ordering to fifteen beats. The three four-note motifs, apparent from the above, are used in various transpositions and in their prime, inversion, retrograde, and retrograde-inversion forms. They also serve as the thematic content for the tonal events.

2. "Windchimes" is a study exploring the prime, inversion, retrograde, and retrograde inversion of the fifteen beat ordering. Eb C D A - B E Gb F - G Ab Bb Db -. This ordering is articulated either as diodes consisting of major thirds and their extensions, or as arrays consisting of four augmented triads.

3. "Canonic Study, Prime" is a study of the canonic relationships of the twenty beat ordering, B C D C# - Eb Ab Bb F - - E - A - G - Gb - -, together with the fifteen beat ordering of #2 above. Only the prime and retrograde forms are used.

4. "Canonic Study, Retrograde-Inversion" is a copy of #3 above, but with the prime forms of #3 replaced in #4 with the retrograde-inversion forms, and the retrograde forms of #3 replaced in #4 wit the inversion forms.

5. "Fractals" uses the ordering, E C# G D - Ab A Eb Gb - C F B Bb -, in addition to the the two orderings of #3 above. These three orderings are combined in various ways to produce secondary orderings of themselves as fractals.

6. Mosaic 1.0 is an earlier release of Canonic Study, Prime.

7. Mosaic 2.0 is an earlier release of Fractals.


released March 9, 2003

Composed, arranged, and produced by Lyle B. King.



all rights reserved


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