Riff City Demons

by The Subtanks

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The entire Subtanks catalog spanning "Adventures In Riff City," "A Grand Exit," and "No Choice, No Decision"


released April 8, 2010

Asher Mendel: Guitar, Vocals; Josh King: Guitar, Vocals



all rights reserved


Entropical Fruit Productions Saint Louis

We are a DIY experimental production label, and sort of a collective. We do online releases and feature demos. Give us a shout if you'd like to be involved or have your work showcased.

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Track Name: Eldar Command Module
Fields blaze
And shoulders crazed
From the war you’ve waged
Against Seraphim and seventh stage
But none shall claim victory for….
I never did quite understand what it was that you said before
you set fire to the ones who loved you and walked into my bedroom door.
What were the words that would carry over? What would we find fit to sing?
When would the angel beckon at your doorstep, and what were the blessings she would bring?

And I’ll miss you
As I kiss you goodnight.
With this fist I can name any price to be right.
And I will twist you until I’m in sight.
In this bliss, you won’t find the strength to fight back.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to condescend to you dear.
But I know that you couldn’t comprehend both of our fears.
I never really did understand what it was that you said before
I immersed the ones I loved and set foot in your bathroom door.
What were the words that chanted like poison, what were the words that we would sing?
When would the devil darken the doorstep and what were the damnations he would bring?

And I’ll kiss you,
But I miss you tonight.
And I know that this fist will direct my right.
And I’ll twist you into believing that I was right.
In this bliss, you won’t find the strength to fight back.
Track Name: Birth Cry
Catastrophic wisdom
casts the dead skin away
Tunnel visions and deep incisions
dictate decisions led astray
and still the rainbow stains my wall
and ties me up inside my bed
the lustful evenings so deceiving
ricochet inside my head
and each picture is a factor of a story
I continually regret
each letter in each word, on each line
something I wish I hadn’t said/read

recession plagues oblivious subversion
enraged, syncopated inversions

Forgotten, relapse
Infinity passes them here
Valence, shelter
Lost on this sacrificial cue
Hanging on the tripwire
Auras pull the cord and we fall too
Mirrored bloodlines

So spin back the prism
And let refractions play
Because with this retraction you get the same reaction
No matter what you say
And will I answer when you call
As my chest drowns in mounting dread
City and county roads that won’t ever let go
Of those lines that you spoon-fed
And was that really your post?
Did you really love me the most?
Or were you really just that ghost
That couldn’t accept the fact that you were long since dead?

And we’ll divide up the provisions for invasion
That provide the tides of the derivations

And I let out this birth cry.

And from my lips escape this birth cry.
Track Name: Fait(ed)

A casual glance back
toward the earthly curve,
and the oceans fling their gravity
up at the ends of our nerves.
Inversion lights the warnings
on a fuel-propelled machine,
and my dreamboat descends like a dust cloud
but is not a submarine.


Racing toward collision,
a muted blue expanse
floods the field of vision
in the roar of the downward trance
absent eyes placid
in a tranquil sun-drenched face
one small point collapsing
bracing for impact's warm embrace


return to a misery
deep down inside of me
behind my face
the horrors confined
I'm treading again
and going nowhere fast
as the tides come up
and pull me in


A rock unto water;
Walls spiral from the plunge.
The water's high and the blood is hot,
rushing through my lungs.
The taste of the wire's copper
and the smell of the circuits' spark
The core's final explosive light
flashes my shadow and goes dark

return to a misery
deep down inside of me
behind my face
the horrors confined
I'm treading again
and going nowhere fast
as the tides come up
and pull me in

There is no deeper meaning
in such murky depths
Nor a greater purpose grasped
between fitful gasps for breath

Weighted down with the stones.
Pulled heavenward toward unmade homes.

Track Name: Doggy-Style Massage
Quakers' Oatmeal Square Wave